Holenesh Canyon referred both to a naturally formed cleft in Ilum's surface, as well as the outpost the Jedi Order constructed at the site.


Five hundred kilometers from the Jedi Temple at the mouth of the Crystal caves, Holenesh Canyon was a deep cleft in Ilum's surface that descended a kilometer downward and spanned a distance of ten kilometers through a treacherous mountain range. Deep within the heart of the canyon was a Force anomaly, that fluctuated only every few hundred years. When the Jedi Knight Holenesh first recorded this strange event, the High Council commissioned the construction of a settlement at the edge of the canyon to study the strange fluctuations. Home to roughly one hundred Jedi, the outpost was small and unimposing in the side of the sheer valley walls. Standing for centuries, the outpost was destroyed during an avalanche that was caused by a groundquake brought on by the reappearance of the anomaly. While most of the Jedi were killed in their sleep by the collapse, some managed to flee into the freeing wilderness and hike back to the Jedi Temple. Freak storms prevented any rescue attempts, and when Jedi crews eventually located the facility it was completely buried beneath rock and snow. While the Order never attempted to reclaim the facility, natural shifts in rocks have exposed portions of the old outpost, allowing entrance into the facility's heart. Because of the cold, most of the interior that was not crushed was well-preserved and many artifacts remained in the remote facility even millennia removed from its construction.


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