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Holiday Towers was a hotel and casino on Cloud City. It was described as being well-appointed, but not as luxurious as other Bespin establishments.

Holiday Towers initially belonged to criminal businessman Opun "Black Hole" Mcgrrrr, but Jabba Desilijic Tiure stole the hotel from him in what was described as "a bloody coup", approximately on 1 BBY. In revenge, Mcgrrrr then stole Jabba's accounting droid CZ-3, trying to obtain information to blackmail Jabba, but this plot failed.

Later, after Jabba's death on 4 ABY, Lando Calrissian confiscated the hotel. Calrissian did not know that Jabba had left his last will on droid CB-99, which was hidden on a secret room that only Jabba and his father, Zorba Desilijic Tiure, knew.

In 5 ABY, Zorba reached Bespin and threatened Calrissian with Jabba's will. Calrissian tried to keep the hotel by playing sabacc with Zorba. Unfortunately for Calrissian, Zorba used his own, rigged cards, winning from Lando both the Holiday Towers hotel and all of his belongings in Cloud City.



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