"Gilthos: Sorry I couldn't be there with you, but here's the package I promised. Remember, activate the holographic security system in the correct order to open it or... BOOM!"
―message left by Gilthos Uksaris's friend with a delivery secured by this device[src]

The Holo-Sec Corp anti-theft explosive was an explosive developed by Holo-Sec Corp in conjunction with a security system that employed holoprojectors to serve as the password system. Failure to activate the holoprojectors in the correct order on a first attempt would display a warning message explaining the security measure in place and informing the user that further erroneous attempts would result in detonation. True to its word, the device would explode on any subsequent failures to provide the correct order for the holoprojectors.


In 3956 BBY, a friend of Gilthos Uksaris, manager of the band the Twisted Rancor Trio, delivered a package containing a suit of Echani fiber armor and 50 credits to him at the Lower City Apartments on Taris secured within a footlocker rigged by this explosive. The passcode to disarm the device was the order in which the members of the Twisted Rancor Trio were recruited as each holoprojector was assigned a hologram of each of the band's six past and contemporary members.

Unfortunately for Uksaris, when the Galactic Republic soldier Revan visited the apartment, he cracked the combination of holograms and deactivated the explosive with ease, as a datapad on the nearby table containing Uksaris's Guts and Glory: A Chronicle of The Amazing Story of The Twisted Rancor Trio provided the order that the members of the band were recruited. Revan retrieved the armor and credits for his own use.


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