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The Kwa Holocron.

The Holocron of A'nang was a double sided pyramid shaped Holocron that was seemingly shaped in the form of a golden colored Tho Yor. Within the artifact resided the presence of A'nang who was the last of the Tythonian Kwa. It came into the possession of the Je'daii Order where it was considered an ancient relic that was placed deep beneath the Je'daii Library at Kaleth.

Je'daii Master Ters Sendon spent much time in meditation in the hopes of unlocking the holocron but failed to activate it. This was until he sensed the distress of Tasha Ryo in the Force. He later introduced her to the relic which she managed to activate whereupon they were greeted by the representation of A'nang who sought to guide those seekers using the holocron. A'nang told the Je'daii of the history of the Kwa Holdings and Tasha Ryo asked the Kwa to identify alien remains that crashed on Tython. After scanning the skull, A'nang in shock identified it as a Rakata and the holocron shut down immediately.


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