"Never borrow money from someone powerful enough to make you pay. Let your workers know you trust them...then watch them."
―Passages from Darth Vectivus' holocron[src]

The Holocron of Darth Vectivus, also known as the Vectivus Holocron, was a Sith holocron created by Darth Vectivus, whom the New Sith Order deemed a fake and an impostor.[1] It apparently contained nothing of any significant value. All it is known to have possessed was Vectivus's business information and how to project Force phantoms. In 40 ABY, the Sith on Korriban, having no use for the information within, gave the ersatz holocron to Alema Rar. She was to give it to Darth Caedus as a symbolic gift showing his "worth" to their Order—which is to say, they found him worthless and expendable. The holocron never arrived in the possession of Darth Caedus and it is presumed to have perished with Alema Rar when Lumiya's asteroid habitat was destroyed by Dician. Thus, Darth Caedus and the rest of the galaxy remained oblivious to the existence of the New Sith Order until its voluntary reemergence around 127 ABY in the Sith–Imperial War.


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