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Holographic image disguiser

A holoshroud in use.

A holographic image disguiser (also known as a holoshroud) was a highly advanced, and very expensive, portable holoprojector that could be used to disguise an existing object or person. A standard model such as the Corellidyne CQ-3.9x holographic image disguiser was small enough to be worn on a belt, though its low memory capacity prohibited it from storing more than a single image, and its power supply was exhausted after only two minutes, unless it was attached to a larger source. Another model was the CQ-3.99 holographic image disguiser.

When in use, a holoshroud projected a mostly pre-rendered image over the target; the image had to be at least the same size as the target object or larger for obvious reasons. The high-quality image was incredibly realistic; capable of fooling the unaided eye, it even moved when the object or person did. However, some models had a tell-tale "flicker" to them; while too fast for the normal eye to perceive, it may allow some droids, cameras and other sensors to detect that something was amiss.



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