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Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles exit an X-wing flight simulator

"A device that simulates what you see and feel when you're in a fighter's cockpit. It uses computers, holograms, and inertial compensators to mimic almost exactly the experience of flying, so you can get in a lot of training without risking valuable machinery or even more valuable pilots."
Wedge Antilles[src]

A holosimulator was a machine used by pilots to simulate take-offs, landings, and flying in combat.


Holosimulators were used for a variety of uses, one being a part of training starfighter pilots for job roles and for combat. The Empire, Rebel Alliance, and the New Republic all used holosimulators to train their pilots and prepare for missions. They were also used for entertainment.

One model of holosimulator was located in Jagged Fel's room while he was Head of State. It was a ball about two meters in height and able to replicate any TIE model, including the Chiss clawcraft. It had a top hatch, like TIE models. The opposition to fly against could accurately be chosen, as well as the skill level and distribution of pilots. Fel was about to begin a simulation when a kidnapping attempt was made on him.

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