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Decoy: "You're a Clawdite, too."
Wesell: "That doesn't make us sisters."
―Wesell reveals her true identity to Holowan's Clawdite decoy[src]

During the years of the Separatist Crisis, the Kuati Hurlo Holowan hired a Clawdite to act as a decoy should bounty hunters attempt to capture or kill the woman. This being was a shape-shifter who mimicked the appearance of Holowan. When fellow Clawdite and bounty hunter Zam Wesell came searching for Holowan, she attacked the decoy instead. The decoy tried to flee but was stunned and fell to the ground. After divulging Holowan's true location, Wesell stunned the decoy again and stashed the unconscious being in a closet in Holowan's mansion on Kuat.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although the Clawdite is referred to with the pronoun "she" in the text, there is nothing that outright states the being's gender. As Zam Wesell illustrates throughout that novel, it is possible for a Clawdite to mimic other genders. Therefore, any guess to the decoy's true gender is simply speculation.