Home is an adventure in The Kathol Rift, and is part of The DarkStryder Campaign. It is set in 8 ABY.

Plot summaryEdit

Traveling through the Kathol Rift, the FarStar encounters the planet Yvara, home to the hive-minded Yvarema species. A member of the FarStar's crew, Gunthar, is a member of the species who was enslaved, and returning him home earns them the gratitude of the ruler, the Majjvara. Welcomed to the planet, the FarStar lands and undergoes a long-needed overhaul and repair.

Unfortunately, the ship was being tracked by the Qektoth Confederation, who wish to experiment on the hive-mind Yvara. The FarStar is forced to fight against a Qektoth ship to keep the location of Yvara a secret. Successfully defending the planet, the FarStar crew say goodbye to crew members Gunthar, and Qesya Vth'naar who would be staying behind to raise her newly birthed child.


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