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"There weren't any seas like this where I grew up."
"I don't understand. You're a Nautolan. Your homeworld is Glee Anselm. An ocean planet."
"But I didn't grow up there."
Darth Maul and Kilindi Matako[src]

Homeworld was a term used to identify the planet that a being was born on, or migrated to, and in the case of droids, where they were constructed. Many notable individuals, such as Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, referred to the planets where they spent their childhood as their homeworld, despite the fact that they were born elsewhere. Curiously, Jedi Grand Master Yoda's homeworld remains unknown.

The term homeworld also referred to the homeplanet of a species. Most of these planets had modern starports, a sophisticated trader network and a high level of technology.[1]

The Yevetha equivalent term was spawnworld.[2]



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