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Homing proton torpedoes, also known as seeker proton torpedoes, were proton torpedoes that possessed lock-on capability.

During Red Squadron's evacuation of pro-Rebel scientists from Ralltiir, Luke Skywalker, after hijacking an All Terrain Scout Transport and while escorting the scientists, briefly turned into a corner and procured several homing proton torpedoes.

While rescuing a Rebel unit on the planet Fest, Rogue Squadron, while demolishing the Imperial Research Facility on Fest, did a detour to retrieve seeker proton torpedoes in close proximity to the research facility proper.

Later, during Rogue Squadron's Raid on Sullust, Rogue Squadron destroyed a bunker in close proximity to both a transmitter and a TIE landing pad, uncovering another set of seeker proton torpedoes.

During the Battle of Kothlis's ground battle, Rogue Leader, Wedge Antilles, briefly diverted from the battle to recover a case of homing proton torpedoes that he spotted of what remained of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Motivator's bridge tower.