An honor duel was a practice of settling dispute in the Hapes Cluster. When one believed their character had been violated they could challenge the offender to a duel. The offended was also entitled to choose which weapon, if any, could be used. Traditionally with Hapans, bouts began efficiently to prevent wagers from being wavered.

Archon Beed Thane of Vergill baited Prince Isolder into such a contest in 25 ABY in an attempt to invoke a schism that would prevent the Hapes Consortium allying with the New Republic in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Feigning being drunk, Thane insulted Tenel Ka Djo and the visiting Leia Organa Solo which prompted Isolder to backhand him, allowing Thane to make a challenge.

The duel was contested by way of hand-to-hand combat that had its origins dating back to a martial art created by the Lorell Raiders to capture female prisoners.

Both combatants were required to wear headguard, power gloves, body armor and boots in-built with a remote receiver that would recognize a connecting blow and allow for a referee to note the score and, at the referee's discretion, decide whether the match went into a sudden death stipulation.

Despite the padding, both parties could decide to forgo refraining from inflicting serious injury to the other before the bout.

Isolder, representing the Hapan Royal House, overcame Thane, representing House Thane, after sudden death was declared when their duel went to two points apiece. As per their pre-match stipulation, this meant Vergill would have to pledge its support to the New Republic.