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The "Hooded Wookiee" was a member of the Cell, a group of dissidents within the Cularin system's criminal organization who wanted to oust Nirama in 31 BBY. The Wookiee and a number of other hooded individuals would come to potential Cell recruits in the middle of the night-cycle and escort them to meet with the Cell's leadership. The Hooded Wookiee was also be used to test new recruits, if the only skill those recruits claimed to have was skill in combat.

Behind the scenesEdit

This was a name on a list of Cell members that the Gamemaster could assign whatever role and skills necessary to challenge the players when the Cell tested the skills they claimed they were good at. Unlike the other names, the Hooded Wookiee had a specific purpose—as a combatant if the players just wanted to fight.

As the player characters would later filter any information on the Cell to Nirama, the Cell was supposed to execute any Cell member who competed with the player characters in the Trials, because the player characters would know the member's names. It is unclear whether this applies to the Hooded Wookiee or not.