A Hoosha was a large flying creature that was able to generate electricity within its body to use as a weapon against fleeing prey. The Hoosha was able to sneak up on its airborne enemies and shock them with a powerful blast of electricity. This electric attack was directed by two long thin tentacles that appeared to be the Hoosha's only appendages. Besides its electric generating abilities, the Hoosha was capable of extended flight without wings or what would be considered an aerodynamic body type.

Hooshas may have been native to the forest moon of Endor, as even young Ewoks were familiar with the large creatures when they came upon them. The Ewok Teebo immediately recognized a Hoosha attack during an expedition to the Twin Hills. The particular Hoosha that attacked the Ewoks happened to be a sort of pet for the Two-headed Gonster who lived in that part of Endor. A self-proclaimed beast catcher, the Gonster had taken the Hoosha as a pet after removing him from an unwanted area. However, the Gonster was unable to agree whether he had removed it for the Duloks or the Dragon Riders of Poolok. In any case, after taming the creature, the Gonster had set it on guard duty to keep unwanted intruders away from the Gonster's magical stores.

During the Raich crisis, the Gonster's Hoosha came into contact with the Ewoks, Teebo, Latara, Wicket Wystri Warrick, and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, who had come to the twin hills to talk with the Gonster. Unaware of the Ewok's intent, the Hoosha attacked the Ewoks, destroying one of their skin gliders. Luckily, the Gonster was able to call the Hoosha off after seeing how harmless the Ewoks were. After the Gonster had helped the Ewoks and devised a plan to end the Raich crisis, the Hoosha was able to give Wicket and Kneesaa a ride to the Raich's cave within the Dead Forest. After this, the Hoosha departed, likely returning to its master to continue its guard duty.