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"You're in violation of Imperial law!"
―Major Horst upon sighting Kyle Katarn[src]

Horst was a Human male who served as an officer with the rank of major for the Galactic Empire during 0 BBY. The officer was stationed on the Imperial held planet Danuta, located in the Mid Rim. Danuta was the location of an Imperial research facility that held the schematics to an Imperial superweapon known as the Death Star. The facility was located in the capital city of Trid, and from a small security and operations station embedded into a rock wall outside of the facility, Horst held in his possession a red key that allowed access into the facility's lower levels. The officer was accompanied by a stormtrooper and an Imperial commando, while at least two stormtroopers protected the security station's access lifts. All of them were killed by the Rebel mercenary Kyle Katarn when he raided the facility.


Dead Key Officer

Major Horst dropped his key after being killed by Kyle Katarn.

Horst[3] was Human male who had joined the Galactic Empire, and by 0 BBY had made his way into the officer corp as a Major. Horst was stationed on the Mid Rim[4] planet Danuta, where he worked at an Imperial research facility located in the capital city of Trid. The officer was assigned to carry a red keycard that would allow access into the facility's lower levels, which contained schematics to an Imperial superweapon known as the Death Star. Horst primarily worked in a security and operations station located right outside of the main facility, which was embedded into a rock wall. The station could be reached via two turbolifts,[1] and was guarded by at least two Imperial stormtroopers.[2]

Later during the year, a mercenary named Kyle Katarn, working with a fledgling resistance group known as the Rebel Alliance, infiltrated the facility armed with only his Bryar pistol and extensive Imperial knowledge that he had attained after years of schooling from the Imperial Academy of Carida, located on the planet of Carida. Katarn made it through the main facilities before making his way outside and into the security station. Horst was accompanied by two others by this point, including a stormtrooper and an Imperial commando, who was eating a doughnut. When Katarn made it to the security station, he killed the commando, who was unarmed, and killed the stormtrooper who was in mid-sentence while ordering the agent to identify himself.[1] Katarn held Horst at gunpoint, asking for the key. Horst instead opted to draw his blaster pistol, and was killed by the rebel in return. After overcoming a brief stint of shock at the officer's stubbornness,[3] Katarn gathered the keycard and used it to access the lower levels of the facility, later attaining the schematics with the help of Meck Odom, an Imperial officer who made a friend out of Katarn at Carida.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Horst was trained to serve the Empire, and did not take rebels lightly, regarding them as scum. The officer had an adherence to melee weapons, instead preferring to rely on the accuracy of his blaster pistol.[5] Horst was also fairly stubborn, and as opposed to handing a keycard to Katarn while at gunpoint, Horst instead tried to kill the intruder, a move that ended fatally for the officer.[3] He had light skin and brown colored hair,[2] and also possessed a heavily scarred face.[1]


Horst owned a blaster pistol, but despite his knowledge of the weapon and his accuracy with it, he was not able to prevent Kyle Katarn from killing him and stealing his keycard. He wore a brown colored uniform.[2]

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Horst first appeared in the 1994 video game Star Wars: Dark Forces. All officers looked the same throughout the game, and as such certain attributes of their appearance may be truly ambiguous. All Imperial troopers in the game were voiced by Denny Delk, though the Imperials were collectively credited as "Stormtrooper".[2] The officer also appeared in the 1997 novella Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire, written by William C. Dietz, where the encounter from the game was further detailed, giving an exact number of the other Imperials that accompanied the officer.[1] The officer was not given the name Horst, however, until his appearance in the audio drama based on the novella. While changing the game's difficulty level would affect the number of enemies in any given level,[2] this article assumes that Soldier for the Empire is the correct telling of events. In the audio adaptation of Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire, he was voiced by Gary Groomes.

Between appearances, there is a discrepancy. While in the novella and in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia Horst is an officer killed in a skiff explosion, the audio drama gives the name Horst to the officer who holds a red keycard that Katarn must secure, who also appears in the novella and who appears in the game. This article assumes they are two different characters who share the same name.



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