Hosrel XI was a planet in the Hosrel system of the Centrality, located in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was an almost barren rock.


The few lifeforms that did exist on Hosrel XI's harsh surface were by far considered some of the most savage creatures in the galaxy.

It was the site of a top-secret Centrality Navy research base, where shield camouflage was developed. After escaping the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka, Lehesu visited Hosrel XI, looking for help. In response, Hosrel Perimeter Control issued code 666, signalling Yellow Nine squadron to investigate the intruder. The fighters fired on Lehesu, to his surprise and dismay.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion spells the planet "Hozrel XI." Additionally, the game mistakenly places the planet in the Moddell sector.