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House Andrim was a Kuati noble house. At some point during galactic history, House Andrim hired the starshipwright Trondor Pyn to spy on House Purkis, a rival family. However, Pyn was caught by representatives of House Purkis and they forced him to act as a double-agent and spy on House Andrim for them. Desperate to get out of his arrangements with the two houses, Pyn planned to blow up the drydock facilities of both families on Kuat, to distract their attention while he fled off-world.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, House Andrim developed some new weapons systems for the Star Destroyers Burning Vengeance and Legacy. The two vessels subsequently underwent weapons testing in the Belgaroth system and House Andrim secretly sent an agent to the system to monitor the proceedings, because they suspected that the Empire would downplay the effectiveness of the weapons in order to get a reduced price for them. However, the operative was unable to leave the Belgaroth system due to an Imperial interdiction effort, so the House Andrim representative Jestra Andrim hired a group of agents on Kuat to rendezvous with their spy, to collect data regarding the weapons test. However, unknown to House Andrim, their rivals House Depon murdered their operative and replaced the individual with an impersonator.


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