House Girard was a relatively minor Alderaanian noble house that existed by the time of the Cold War. They remained largely independent in the grand scheme of politics that was common place on Alderaan though this changed when the Alderaan Civil War broke out. This left the Girards in a dangerously exposed position and thus they decided to pledge their influence and resources to the recently returned House Thul who were backed by the Sith Empire in exchange for their protection.[1]

The entirety of the house nobility resided in the wings of the Thul estate and Girard nobles awaited their inevitable victory in order to reclaim their imperiled lands along with the promise of new territories as a reward for their loyal support.[1]

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After the completion of the Alderaan storyline, Zacar is found murdered by unknown means. Leaving their advocate to decide the next leader of House Girard. Supporting Aitalla gives Light side points, Raffid is neutral, and Heitor is Dark side. On the other hand, if the advocate took the Rist's offer, they have the option of wiping out the entire family.


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