"We know how the Kuat household runs Kuat Drive Yards; your family has kept this world one of the richest in the galaxy for generations. It did so under the old Republic, and it continues to do so under Emperor Palpatine. Such skill deserves its own reward; that was why the Inheritance Exemption was passed by the other households so long ago."
―Kodir of Kuhlvult[src]

House Kuat, or the Kuat family, was the most powerful of the Ten families of Kuat and the heads of the Kuat Drive Yards. They were also one of the so-called Core Founders.

Due to the Inheritance Exemption, the Kuat family was granted the right to pass down control of Kuat Drive Yards through successive generations. They also handpicked Kuat's Senator to the Galactic Senate. During the last years of the Galactic Republic, Onara Kuat headed the family, and some time during the reign of Emperor Palpatine, the father of Kuat of Kuat succeeded her.



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