House Nidantha was one of the noble houses of the Tapani sector prior to the Great Hyperspace War. Thought to have collapsed on itself by the other Houses, remnants of House Nidantha had in fact survived in the Sith Empire and later in the Lost Tribe of Sith.


Following the Unification War in the Tapani sector that resulted in the unification of the Tapani Noble Houses and the supremacy of House Melantha, House Nidantha left the sector in order to find a new destiny. During their exodus, it's members reached the Stygian Caldera where they were enslaved by the Sith.

By the time of the Great Hyperspace War, some of their Human descendants had rose to position of power within the Sith Empire fleets, such as Admiral Eldrak Korsin. With millennia of interbreeding with their Sith masters, an increased number of them also became Force-sensitives while retaining their human features and learned the ways of the dark side.

In 5000 BBY, the Omen, a ship of the Sith Empire crash-landed on the remote Kesh, where the humans shipwrecked founded the Lost Tribe of Sith, a new civilization mixing aspects of the Sith, Tapani and Keshiri cultures.