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House Tapalo
Familial information

Human (Naboo)

Notable family members
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Chronological and political information
Earliest appearance

135 BBY


Rise of the Empire era


Royal House of Naboo

"The reason for the war was plasma, and the Houses that contributed most to funding the mercenary army were House Tapalo and House Veruna. When my grandfather learned of this he challenged Tapalo's father to a duel of honor, and eventually succumbed to the injuries Tapalo's blade inflicted."
Cosinga Palpatine[src]

House Tapalo was a Naboo noble family that resided on the planet Naboo. According to Cosinga Palpatine, in about 135 BBY, Houses Tapalo, Veruna and others hired a group of mercenaries to attack Naboo's native Gungans, as part of a ploy to gain access to Naboo's plasma resources. However, House Palpatine learned of their plot and a member of the House challenged a member of House Tapalo to an honor duel; Tapalo won. Years later, Bon Tapalo of House Tapalo was elected as Naboo's monarch.


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