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The title of House leader was borne by the premiers on at least some of the twenty-eight colony worlds of the Chiss Ascendancy. The House leaders were responsible for appointing the Syndics of their worlds' Colonial Phalanxes, and they also represented their planets in the Chiss Parliament, which met in the House Palace in Csaplar, on the Ascendancy's capital world of Csilla.

The title of House leader is known only from one source, a study produced by the University of Sanbra in the last years of the New Republic. However, the phrasing of the text makes it unclear whether the title was a generic style for Chiss planetary governors, or if it in fact House leaders should be contrasted with governors appointed by central authorities. Either interpretation is possible, but the semantics of the title perhaps imply leadership of an affinity more than public office, and a connection with the oligarchy of the Ruling Families must thus be seriously considered. If this was the case, then House leaders are likely to have been distinct from appointed governors, and the title may even have been an alternative translation of the well-attested rank of Aristocra.


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