The House of Lorac was the name of the ruling family on the planet Velmor. It was headed by King Lorac and his wife, Queen Denira. The couple had two sons, Denid and Anod. In 17 BBY, a Great Revolt orchestrated by the Galactic Empire resulted in the deaths of the King and Queen and the exile of their eldest son, Denid. Anod, an Imperial sympathizer, was left alive. The laws of succession necessitated twenty years to pass without word from Denid in order to declare him dead, so that Anod could take the throne. In the interim, the regent was Zelor, who kept watch over Anod and continued to deal with the Imperials. In 3 ABY, just before Anod was to be crowned king, Denid returned and claimed his right to the throne. After a confirmation of his identitity, Denid was eventually made king. Zelor, hoping to remain ruler of the planet, attempted to kill Denid, but his plot only resulted in his own death, as well as the death of Anod, leaving Denid as the only surviving member of the House of Lorac.