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"I can't follow a shuttle in a hoverbus!"
Kanan Jarrus[src]

A hoverbus, or simply bus, was a type of repulsorcraft used as a transport by civilians throughout the galaxy. Hoverbuses were equipped to hold many passengers at once, and they sometimes had windows so that the passengers could see outside the bus. There were many models of hoverbus, including the Mark Six Smoothride.


Years before the Galactic Civil War, Okadiah Garson, an inhabitant of the planet Gorse, owned a Mark Six Smoothride hoverbus, which he allowed his friend, Kanan Jarrus to use to carry passengers from the Moonglow facilities to the bars in the area of Gorse known as The Pits.[1]

Cadets hoping to enroll in the Galactic Empire's Imperial Academies often arrived at their planet's academy via hoverbus.[2]


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