Hovhee was a starfighter pilot who flew with Grace Command, a mercy organization affiliated with the Galactic Republic during the New Sith Wars. Grace Command was officially a relief organization led by the Alderaanian Baron Lemayne which fought the Sith warlords and distribute food and medicine to Sith-occupied worlds. In reality, Grace Command's real mission was to disseminate the narcotic Deluge into Sith territory. Hovhee was a member of Devil Squadron, which was commanded by the former Republic Navy Captain Jenn Devaad. Hovhee took part in the Aquilaris campaign in 1032 BBY. While traveling to Heptooine, he and his fellow Devils were led into a trap by the Hutt crime lord Zodoh. Hovhee took part in the pursuit only to be caught by the Hutt warship Voracious's tractor beam projector. Later, Hovhee was presumably killed when Zodoh exposed Devaad's men to space through the airlocks.