Howe Walwahd was a female Mon Calamari who worked as an independent sailor in the seas of Lamaredd.


Her ship was rammed by a 222 fishing trawler from Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies, and destroyed because of this. Besides, she lost a leg in the accident and used an artificial replacement since.

Needing a new job, Walwahd became a dockmaster in Bartyn's Landing, reluctantly working for the same Guther Bartyn who owned Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies. She disliked that surname and was rude with anyone working for Bartyn — which meant almost everyone. Nonetheless, she methodically reported anything of importance during her guard, including the sight of Menahuuns.

In 29 BBY, Walwahd was on duty when Menahuuns were detected in Bartyn's well-protected yacht Tria Blue. After Bartyn's guards were killed, Walwahd asked for medical help and for a mortuary speeder before she was possibly killed by the Menahuuns during the attack.

Walwahd also had a cousin who worked in a private trawler in Cape Regret, and they were in contact over the years.