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Ando Prime (Howler Gorge Map)

Howler Gorge was a podracing course on Ando Prime and the second race of the Semipro Podracing Circuit. The snowy course forced pilots to finesse their rides through narrow trenches and winding caves, resulting in a fiery death otherwise.


Live Race- Ando Prime- Howler Gorge

Howler Gorge.

Beginning near the Bendu Statue, racers flew through the side of the massive Andobi Mountains and into the canyons below. Turning right into the canyons, the trail split into three differing paths at most, eventually leading back together just in time for five slippery hairpin turns.

The course then plummeted to a depth of at least 65 meters, allowing racers to glide for about a mile before they would hit the ground. The course then jumped into ice, forcing racers to cut tight to the inside as they rounded the bend and fishtailed onto a ramp in the center of a block dam.

The pilots had to balance on a narrow viaduct, then had to tilt their racers so they wouldn't crash into the wall which allowed them a tiny sliver of space to fly through. The canyon took them back around to the arena, where the racers proceeded to complete two more laps.

Solid traction and great repair ratings were a must have for a racer to survive this course.

Tournament and Race NumberEdit

This course was the second race in the Semipro Podracing Circuit tournament.

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