The Hracca Glade was a sub-region of the Etyyy Hunting Grounds on Kashyyyk. It was home to the ferocious Kkorrwrot.


Chiss in Hracca Glade

Chiss poachers spraying chemicals in the glade

In 1 ABY, while a party of Rodians were hunting and taming the wilds of Etyyy, a spacer joined their ranks and after many hunts, proved their prowess to the impressed Rodians. The spacer was given one final hunt by Kint Zsam, however. Their final task was to enter the Hracca Glade in order to find and kill a Kkorrwrot, which was at the time, the most ferocious beast in Etyyy. The spacer entered the glade only to find it overrun with Chiss poachers, whom they had encountered previously in other adventures in the hunting grounds. The Chiss were poisoning the land with the various performance enhancing chemicals they were using. The spacer was forced to locate and kill all Chiss within the glade in order to clear the air and force the Kkorrwrot out of hiding. They were successful and soon came toe to toe with the massive beast. After a long and brutal battle, the spacer finally triumphed over his ferocious prey and slew the immense beast. Before leaving, he sliced off the beast's head, both intending it as a trophy and as proof of his deed. After returning to the Rodian's camp and informing Kint of his success and producing the head, the spacer was applauded for their amazing hunting skills and Kint rewarded the spacer with a Chiss Poacher Backpack and had the creatures head mounted on a wooden plaque for them so that the spacer could display their achievement for the entire galaxy to see.

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The Hracca Glade is a sub-region of the Etyyy Hunting Grounds area on Kashyyyk in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. It was introduced in the Rage of the Wookiees expansion released in 2005. Like many of the areas in this release, it is instanced, meaning each group that enters had their own version of the area to play in.



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