Hran Beling was a male Vicon Jedi Initiate studying in the Jedi Order at the Coruscant Jedi Temples academy during the final decades of the Republic Classic era.


A Force-sensitive Vicon, the diminutive Hran Beling received training in the ways of the Force at the Coruscant Jedi Temple by the Jedi Order. Initiate Beling was studying at the Temple in 89 BBY when the Dark Holocron was stolen from the Temple Archives, and Beling conveyed this news to one of his contemporaries at the Temple, Dooku, speculating that there could have been an intruder within the complex. Several days later, Initiate Beling participated in an academy competition which took students out of the Temple and into the Senate District. Competing with Initiate Dooku in a challenge against another team of Jedi trainees to secure a piece of muja fruit from a market, Beling was stunned unconscious by the other team and unable to complete the challenge.[1]



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