Hric Dalhney was a Human male Alderaanian politician who served as Deputy Minister of Security and was a trusted member of Viceroy Bail Organa's cabinet during the early years of the Galactic Empire. He was also part of Alderaan's resistance movement.


Bail Organa sent Dalhney, accompanied by Winter (posing as his daughter) and Ylenic It'kla to Cloud City on Bespin to meet with representatives from three anti-Imperial resistance groups; Bria Tharen and Jace Paol from Corellia, Jenssar SoBilles from Duro and Sian Tevv from Sullust. The Corellian Resistance was attempting to gather support for unifying the resistance groups together in order to better fight the Empire. However, Dalhney was unwilling to go against Alderaan's non-violent culture by committing forces to open rebellion, though he did agree to support the Corellians where possible.

Personality and traitsEdit

By 2 BBY, Dalhney was an older man who sported greying hair and a beard. In keeping with the traditional values of his people, the minister agreed that the Empire should be stopped, but he refused to involve Alderaanians into actual acts of violence.



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