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«This is your hrrtayyk.»
«I am ready.»
Chewbacca and Lumpawarrump during the rescue of Han Solo[src]

The hrrtayyk ceremony, also known as the Test of Ascension[1] or Rite of Passage,[2] was the coming-of-age ceremony among the Wookiees, occurring usually around the age of twelve which unlocked a young Wookiee's rrakktorr. In Basic, it translated to Test of Ascension. In hrrtayyk ceremonies, the Wookiees learned to survive in the Shadowlands, learning such survival techniques as how to avoid predators; how to make rope, tents, and utensils from various plants and plant products; the location of freshwater springs; and which plants and insects were edible, and which were poisonous. They would also engage in ritual hunts of various predators, such as the katarn. Chewbacca's hrrtayyk cenemony was in 187 BBY, when he was thirteen years old.[1]

The Syren plant would often play a role in this ceremony, and other similar ceremonies in certain regions of the planet.



Notes and referencesEdit

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