"It's my belief that 'Rage of the Shadow Warriors' dates from the reign of Mandalore the Ultimate, when the Taungs knew they were being eclipsed. I've always thought it a poignant work—a plea that the Taungs not be forgotten by the newborn culture they knew would outlive them."
―Hu Jibwe[src]

Hu Jibwe was a scholar of military history, employed at the Salmagodro Grand Academy during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1] Some time after 15 BBY,[2] Jibwe spoke with Imperial Center Today contributor Eschul Shaywa, and discussed the Mandalorian Dha Werda Verda chant's history and composition. A quote of Jibwe was later included in Shaywa's completed article, "The Zhell and the Taungs Are Names to Conjure By, But the Truth About These Long-Lost Combatants Is Hard to Pin Down."[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Hu Jibwe was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the second installment of Jason Fry's official Star Wars Blog series, The Essential Guide to Warfare: Author's Cut, entitled "Ancient Coruscant."


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