Huba was the captain of the Indobok Pirates.


Hubba pie

Huba drools over Nak Pitareeze's Stenness pie.

Huba used to work for Boonda, a Hutt gangster. He was framed by Olag Greck and hated him ever since Greck told the Hutt that Huba and his crew were the ones who tried to poison his food. Boonda sent Huba and his men to the crystal mines. He and his crew escaped and later ran into C-3PO and R2-D2.

While gambling on a race, Huba lost the Captain's pendant to R2-D2, making the astromech droid their new captain. However, R2-D2 refused to the captaincy as his programming prevented him from stealing or harming anyone. To make up for his decision, he gave the pirates his recipe for Stenness pie as a parting gift.

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