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Huey was a male dewback that was pet to Windy Marstrap and Luke Skywalker when they were kids. He was very friendly and playful, and the boys were very happy with him. One morning, Huey was ramming against the exit gate. Windy and his father woke up due to the noise. Windy wondered why he wanted to leave, despite being well fed and taken care of. Windy's father knew it was mating season and suggested letting him go out into the Jundland Wastes to find a mate. Windy wasn't very intrigued with this idea as he thought Huey wouldn't be able to find his way home again. However, he found the strength to release Huey into the wild.

Many years later, Luke told this story to his nephew, Jacen Solo who had the same problem with his rock lizard. After hearing the story, Jacen released the rock lizard into the wild. It returned after a while with an egg sack.

Several weeks later, Huey returned. Two weeks after his return to the homestead, Windy and Luke acted out in stubborness and decided to prove their independence to a group of neigborhood children. They traveled into the Wastes with their dewback. Unfortunately, Huey was eaten by a krayt dragon during that mission. It would have been the end for Windy and Skywalker too if Obi-Wan Kenobi hadn't come to their rescue.



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