"Let's cut to the chase. I've got six team members to fly out of here."

Huffreys was a burly Human male and First Officer of a Rebel Alliance Infiltrator team.


Huffreys traveled with this team to the planet Kelada where they stole information on the fleet sector movements. However, the team's activities did not go undetected, and soon the Imperials had impounded their transport and were combing the starport for them.

Huffreys' commanding officer, Thella, took him with her to meet a local infochant known as "The Finder" at Lorana's Labyrinth. Although Huffreys was skeptical of her plan, he nevertheless helped bully their way through the crowds of aliens to the Finder's booth. While the two negotiated, Huffreys kept watch, at one point grabbing the Finder's wrist when he appeared to threaten his commander.

When the Finder organized for Okeefe to transport the team offworld, Huffreys and the team successfully escaped the Imperial blockage and traveled to Gelgelar.


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