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"I'll try not to hurt you as much as possible."
Huggtar, translated from Gamorrese.[src]

Huggtar, a Gamorrean boar, was Zhen Mirat's other "muscle," second only to Chanchaz Iryt.


Growing up in a traditional family on Gamorr meant that he had participated in three different clan wars by the time he was eight standard years old. Eventually, his family signed a contract selling him to Tysys Ryx, a Twi'lek who was in charge of the "blood arena" fighting circuit. While there, Huggtar discovered his natural talent for fighting. However, the Gamorrean also learned the basics of first aid while fighting on the circuit, and found that he enjoyed healing more than harming other beings.

His contract was eventually bought by Zhen Mirat, who had watched him fighting in the pits on Ryloth. Mirat had recognized the Gamorreans natural strength and fighting ability, and knew that he could use the pig-like alien in his "operations." He was known to be Mirat's other "muscle," stepping in either whenever Chanchaz Iryt was not available, or both of them together.

In contrast with Iryt, however, Huggtar did not enjoy inflicting pain. He fought only because he knew little else. While it was not wildly known, while he was in The Fatal Visionaries he was interested in learning a trade; specifically one dealing with medicine. When a group of Rebels came to free Vazan Felix's wife and child, they took advantage of this knowledge and offered him a place in the Rebellion. It was then that Huggtar betrayed Mirat and, after the hostages were freed, it is thought that he went on to become a medic in the Rebel Alliance.

Huggtar was almost stereotypical in dimensions for his race, although he is very clean for a Gamorrean. This difference often went unnoticed by members of other species, however. Although he had some fame on the gladiatorial circuit, there was nothing particularly spectacular about him, he was just another Gamorrean serving a vicious criminal. He always wore the standard battle dress of his species, with one peculiar difference. He had an armored chestplate which looked suspiciously like that of a scout trooper's armor.