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Hukno Rit was a male Human who worked as a waiter in the Cantina Oceana on Dorumaa. The Zabrak Thon Larimhor paid him to provoke a Cularin Trade Alliance pilot into beating him up, which resulted in Rit receiving a few broken ribs and some bruises. Larimhor then filed a suit for him against the CTA and claimed that the pilot had shattered Rit's jaw and disabled him. The CTA agreed to settle out of court for a large some of credits, but Larimhor pocketed most of this and gave Rit less than 10%. He also forced Rit to move to Tolea Biqua by threatening that he would expose him as a fraud. Rit felt very bitter about this and when a group of spacers came to see him as part of their investigations into a similar stunt pulled by Larimhor, Rit told them about everything about his encounter with the rogue Zabrak.


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