«I got my swoop after we raided... I mean, I got my swoop when someone left it to me.»
―Hukta to Revan[src]

Hukta Jax was a male Gamorrean who was one of the professional swoop racers that Revan met in Ahto City during the Jedi Civil War. Around 3956 BBY, he held the position of Sector Champion, having raced on the Ahto City swoop track, until Revan beat his record. Revan helped Queedle Molto, who couldn't seem to win anything else besides third, by giving him credits to repair and enhance his swoop bike. Molto ended up shattering Jax's time and became the new Sector Champion. Jax remained in second until Revan beat his time, along with Molto's, becoming the new Champion, and Hukta was knocked down to third.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hukta Jax wasn't popular even when he was Sector Champion, partly because of his behavior, but mostly because his racing methods were considered boring among most swoop fans. Another racer, a Twi'lek named Casandra Mateil, exclaimed "All he does is run over everything!" He had earned the admiration of a female Sith soldier thinking of his racing style as "brute force to the finish." As the stereotype of most Gamorreans, he was belligerent, mean, and boastful.

Behind the scenesEdit

Should Revan not help Molto, and instead reaches second place, he is told to talk to Jax before going for first. Jax warns Revan not to attempt to go for his title. Revan ignored the warning and became the Champion. Hukta could do nothing, as violence in Ahto City was not tolerated by the Selkath officials. However, the Gamorrean threatened Revan that he will find an opportunity to take vengeance. Judging from the game's content—at least up until Darth Malak's death—he was never seen again.



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