Hul Qat was a member of the Warrior caste of the Yuuzhan Vong. Originally one of the hunters, his implants rotted, and he was declared a Shamed Ones and cast from Domain Qat. Hul lost his hope and just waited to die. Then he heard the Message of the Jeedai from Yu'shaa, and his hope was restored.

With a group of five other Shamed Ones, they stole a space vessel and headed to Dagobah, having heard that Luke Skywalker and Anakin Solo had trained there and believed that it was Zonama Sekot. Hul and his group encountered Tahiri Veila there, but they were attacked by warriors.

Hul and Tahiri survived, but he was mortally wounded. When Hul asked if Dagobah was the living world, Tahiri lied to the dying Shamed One, in an attempt to comfort him. Convinced that he had done a great thing for the Shamed Ones, he asked Tahiri to tell the Prophet. Tahiri promised him she would, and this time she was telling the truth.


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