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The Humbarine sector, also known as the Humbarine Rule,[2] was a sector in the Core Worlds.


The sector was known to hold a large number of heavily-industrialized manufacturing worlds, only rivalled by the Kuat and Corellian sector.[4] It was one of a privileged few sectors that could afford defense fleets of large warships,[5] and prior to the Clone Wars, the sector was defended by its own Star Dreadnought.[3] The sector capital was the planet Humbarine.[4]

The sector was represented in the Galactic Senate by Bana Breemu during the Clone Wars.[6] During this conflict, its planets became infiltrated by CIS forces, either through voluntary membership or outright invasion. The sector's defenses were steadily appropriated by the Republic Navy over the course of the conflict, ultimately leading to the destruction of Humbarine in a Separatist orbital bombardment led by General Grievous. The sector was thereafter considered a lost cause by the Republic.[7]


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