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Hunt For The Padawans is a two-minute LEGO Mini Movie that is connected to LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles animated TV series. It is the sixth video and was released on YouTube on August 6, 2014.[1]

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The Galactic Empire is hunt down the Jedi including Master Yoda's plucky Padawans. Aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, an Imperial officer receives a report of Jedi activities on Geonosis. He dispatches an army of former Separatist B1 battle droids to the planet to investigate. An MTT transport delivers a detachment of battle droids into the Petranaki arena where they begin inspecting a modified hoverbus.

However, the Jedi Padawns are hiding behind the columns in the arena and spring their trap. With the battle droids trapped inside, the Padawans use the Force to shake the droids and bus around. When the Imperial officer tries to contact the battle droids, the Nautolan mimics the battle droid commander and tells him that they found no Jedi. The Jedi the flee aboard their modified hoverbus, leaving a pile of droid parts on the floor of the Petranaki arena.


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