"You tread on unwelcome ground. I am Hunter Moon. I will feast on your screams."
―Hunter Moon[src]

Hunter Moon was a mighty and powerful male Esh-kha chieftain who was imprisoned on the planet Belsavis by the Infinite Empire thousands of years before the Cold War.


He resided within the Ancient Prison Caverns when he along with his kind were accidentally freed by the attack of the Sith Empire on the Tomb. This led to the Esh-kha attacking both the forces of the Sith and the Galactic Republic. During this time, he was responsible for the capture of the Sith Lord Chayloss and intended to kill him as he felt that the taint of the Dark side of the Force was affecting the Esh-kha Force-sensitive savants.

However, before he could kill the Sith, he encountered a Republic citizen that had arrived within this part of the prison facility. Ultimately, he was killed in combat but before he died, he mentioned that his people would be unleashing the World Razer that would destroy their enemies.