The Hunting Lodge was a building in the settlement of Anchorhead on Tatooine around the time of the Jedi Civil War. It was operated by an Ithorian named Fazza Utral, and served as a gathering place for local hunters.

The lodge consisted of one large room with scattered tables and seating. It was well-lit and ventilated, with windows on two walls and a large ceiling fan. Regulars included hunters Dorak Quinn, Komad Fortuna, and Tanis Venn. There were also three Gamorrean hunters who were always seen together: Gurke, Narkal, and Ugzak. A Rodian pazaak player by the name of Kudos was also a patron.

Revan visited the Hunting Lodge in 3956 BBY. At that time, a license from Czerka Corporation was required in order to be allowed outside the city walls. Licensed hunters could sell their trophies—wraid plates and rare krayt dragon pearls—to Fazza at the lodge.


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