The hunting blaster carbine was a light but powerful blaster carbine.


The hunting blaster carbine combined the reduced weight and portability of a blaster carbine with the ability to take down a target quickly. Unlike most other blaster carbines, the hunting blaster carbine was incapable of making autofire attacks. They came equipped with a retractable stock. This weapon had a close-range stun setting as well, meaning the wielder could switch the weapon to fire stun shots instead of lethal fire, however the close-range stun setting was limited to a range of only 9 meters. A double-barreled blaster carbine required a power pack to operate; after 50 shots, the power pack needed to be replaced. The hunting blaster carbine cost 1,000 credits to purchase, but its ownership and use was regulated by local authorities.


The Wookiee bounty hunter Chak carried a hunting blaster carbine.


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