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Hunting flies, also known as mega-insects, were a type of predator native to the planet Teth.


These large insect form of animal life possessed long bodies that were supported by a pair of two gauzy wings which stretched to a wingspan of three meters. Though they may have appeared fragile, the wings were created from a tough, translucent hide which supported their bony frame. This gave the mega-insects an iridescent color which changed slightly whenever the hunting fly flew through the air.

The mouths of these creatures held a pair of sharp mandibles that were capable of tearing flesh from a prey's body. The noise which was created by the wings of the mega-insect was loud and distinctive which was believed to have been a set pitch of sound that was used to attract another hunting fly during the mating periods. This was based on evidence during the Clone Wars when the hunting flies were drawn to the engines of LAAT/i gunships in flight.


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