A hunting license was a document that entitled the bearer to engage in hunting. On Tatooine prior to, during and perhaps after the Jedi Civil War, Czerka Corporation used hunting licenses as a means to ensure that only beings who fit their standards of competency were allowed to explore the vast deserts of that world. Revan acquired such a license so that he could find the ancient Rakatan Star Map on Tatooine; in exchange, he agreed to deal with a particularly bothersome tribe of Sand People. The amnesiac ex-Sith Lord kept up his end of the bargain, though it was through peaceful means, rather than the violence that the protocol officer who issued it might have preferred.

Marlena Venn obtained a hunting license herself just so that she could watch her husband, Tanis, attempt to get out of the trap she had laid for him by sabotaging the battle droids he used to help him hunt wraids.


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