Huraloks were sapient reptilians indigenous to Djurmo. They were known to be a vicious species that held long grudges with other beings and even their own. Huraloks were extremely long-lived, living to as old as the mid 300s.

Their general demeanor was that of hatred, greed, deception, and manipulation. Very few had any good traits to them at all. Huraloks despised each other to the degree that only in times of immediate danger to their species would they mate. Most of the time, Huraloks would keep to themselves and order minions of theirs to commit their dirty deeds for them. On rare occasions, they would travel the galaxy as soldiers or self-serving scoundrels. Huraloks could become Force-sensitive, however they would never end up joining the Jedi Order due to a lack of dedication and selflessness.

Holodramas of the Imperial Navy combating Huralok pirates were very popular.

Common Huralok names[1]Edit

  • Ergihel Threk
  • Fehkla Gorr
  • Krad Dokahr
  • Liirk Ranghul



Notes and referencesEdit

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