Hustru fönster was a Vulanish phrase which found its way into the Corellian language. It was literally translated into Basic as "the wife in the window."

The Ensterite were disciples of a fanatical Corellian social system which forbade marriage with anyone from outside the Corellian system, or, in the most extreme cases, anyone from outside Corellia. Among certain ensters, the phrase hustru fönster would take on a new meaning. An enster with sufficient means would marry a fellow enster, but the "wife" or "husband" was in reality a person who entered the marriage for reasons of commerce or position only. The person's real lover was "hired" as a gardener, maid or cook, so that she or he could be with their true love.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Hustru" is Swedish for "wife", whereas "fönster" means "window" in the same language.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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