The Hutt Commercial Laws were a set of rules and regulations created by the Kajidics that protected their counselors. It was to ensure that those individuals that used these individuals were not punished for acts made to embarrass or cheat the rulers of Hutt Space. Section c, subsection 12.4e specifically handled the protection of a Hutt's counselors and messengers.

This meant that if any agent of a specific Hutt was killed, all the deals made by that clan family were made forfeit which in turn could lead to millions worth of credits being lost. It was first enacted after a number of early and violent deaths of twelve counselors along with numberless messengers. The last known moment that this law was broken was in 6 ABY when a young Hutt of the Vermilic Clan forgot the prohibition leading to him disintegrating his counselors. The incident left the clan bankrupt with no Hutt activity within the region for three months.

In 8 ABY, Ghitsa Dogder enacted the law to prevent Durga the Hutt from killing her after the loss of several Twi'lek slaves.