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"To Gary X0X0"

This pin-up artwork was seen on the wall of a cantina located in the Coruscant underworld in 22 BBY. Addressed to an individual named Gary, the image depicted a voluptuous feminine Hutt who was looking over her shoulder while she smiled. The Hutt wore makeup, was dressed in a purple bodysuit, and had four heart tattoos on her left shoulder. The Aurebesh inscription on the upper-right corner of the image read "To Gary X0X0."[1]

A similar image of this Hutt was also found on the walls of a prison cell in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, also located on Coruscant.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Moshi Bar

Concept art of Tiggs Leo's tavern.

This image was one of several pin-up images seen on the walls of the cantina in the episode Lethal Trackdown. During pre-production, a neon image of this pin-up was part of the facade of the cantina, as seen in concept art on the Blu-ray version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Two.

The poster can also be seen in a prison cell in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center in Deception.



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